How did an Irishman living in Germany start a Hot Sauce Business? It started with a passion for chilis and cooking, a slowly simmering idea. Jonathan O’Reilly has been living in Berlin since 2006.
     In 2011 he began to spend more time on his lifelong hobby of sauce making, experimenting with different chilis and different styles, eventually making a very tasty and very hot habanero sauce which his Scottish friend Chris described as "that crazy bastard sauce". A fitting name for a hot sauce with attitude, which went on to raise many eyebrows over the years.

The idea of the brand began to slowly develop. The logo came early in the process, being based on a mix between the notorious British prisoner Charles Bronson, and an insane version of the Pringles guy.

     The concept of a colourful range of sauces, each with their own chili and unique character came about slowly. At first the only chilis which were available were Habanero and Jalapeño, and so the Yellow Label and Green Label sauces started the range.


Starting with (very) small batches at home and selling them in Berlin markets it was clear that a growing hot sauce business would need a proper premises and it was time to put making hot sauce in a dressing gown behind. Jono and his small team moved to Weserstr, Berlin.


Jonathan O'Relly at the Weserstr Store

 Picture by Berlin Spectator

early store.jpg

The team in our Weserstr Production kitchen

TIMELINE OF Crazy Bastard Sauce

2013- Jonathan O'Reilly makes his first bottle of Crazy Bastard Sauce in his kitchen.


2016 - We move into Weserstr 168, Berlin and start making a lot more sauce.

2016 - Crazy Bastard Kitchen Starts as it's own restaurant sharing the same shop. Sebastian Knight starts as the main chef and his famous Chicken Burger is born.

2017 - 50,00th bottle of Hot Sauce is produced

2018 - 100,000th bottle of Hot Sauce is produced

2019 - 200,000th bottle of Hot Sauce is produced

2020 - 300,000th bottle of Hot Sauce is produced

2021 - 400,000th bottle of Hot Sauce is produced

2021 - The restaurant grows so big that it needs it's own place. 

2022 - We moved to a dedicated production space on Ossastr. 21a Conveniently a 2 minute walk from the old place so we can get our post easily.


With our small production team we make all our sauces in house. Every production day we turn about 120 kg of fresh ingrediants into 1,200 bottles of sauce. Some weeks we can make up to 5,000 bottles of hot sauce.


The team at our Ossastr. production space, eating icecream.