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Charapita Chili (dried 5g)

Charapita Chili (dried 5g)

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100 Gramm
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This special little chili has a lot of mystery and legend surrounding it: It is known as the Mother of Chilis, probably due to the fact that like the first chilis, it comes from the jungles of Peru, and it looks similar to the original wild chilis: small, round and colourful.


It also has a reputation as being the world's most expensive chili. While claims of top restaurants paying $25K per kilo are somewhat exaggerated, it is a lot more expensive than other chilis, because the fruits are so small and so many need to be picked and destemmed to make up any substantial weight of fruit.

The flavour is quite clearly something special. Fruity with strong bright citrus notes. There are also rich floral vanilla notes and a very satisfying hot chili flavour.


The dried chilis can be crushed like peppercorns and used as seasoning or in salsas. 

At 50-100k SHU they are very hot, but still edible. About 25-30% as hot as habaneros.